Review: City Driving with the Tundra TRD Pro

I was happy to go down memory lane in preparation for a test drive of the 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, my first pickup truck to drive – ever.

TRD Pro Canadys Corner 1My memories of a pickup truck are rooted in my childhood, riding in the back of my uncle’s truck down the country roads of the big state of Texas. He often drove his nieces and nephews on dirt roads leading to the river to go fishing or just to ride on a Sunday afternoon. I remember the breeze blowing in our faces and our tight grips on the side as we braced for the next bump, not knowing if we were going to fall out of the truck. And always laughter.No longer in the back, I took the helm of this double cabin, comfy five-seater with impressive interior designs.

The obvious test would be to tackle a mountain or take an off-road adventure, but the ride was so smooth I chose to stay in the city and create new memories. I drove this inferno colored truck with a 6-speed transmission to a number of places in the city including a football stadium and artsy neighborhoods.

The interior detail is show-off worthy. The huge storage space in the center console area features ribbed control knobs, making it much easier to grip. The storage space under the armrest is nothing short of massive. You can place anything from tools to a tightly rolled sleeping bag in there. The fold-up rear-seat with 60/40 split provides more storage under the seat.  Of course the six and a half  foot double-walled bed with the deck rail and easy lower, and  lift tailgate is the obvious storage area. If you are transporting items in the back that will scratch the paint, you’ll want to cover them appropriately or get a liner for it. Also, you can always tow.The ground clearance on many automobiles from cars to trucks is not good. No worries here.

TRD Pro Canadys Corner 7With the black 18-inch TRD alloys with P275/65R18 tires and TRD Bilstein shocks with remote reservoirs, you can confidently face speed dips, humps and bumps, knowing that you will not graze the under carriage. Leftover snow from a blizzard? You got this.

Any little girl who has raced car toys with the boys knows that there is an annoying vroom sound that you are required to make if you are to participate. This truck makes that sound, and I was not annoyed at all. I joined in and knew the big boys were envious. This is fun, seriously.

2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro MSRP: $41,385. Combined city/highway MPG: 15.