This site is called Creative Auto Reviews by Canady’s Corner (CARs) because:

  • Driving a car is about more than getting from A to B.
  • Automobiles allow drivers and passengers an escape physically and spiritually.
  • This site combines creative writing with the innovative auto industry.
  • Canady’s Corner LLC produces Creative Auto Reviews.

Angelia McGowan

A little about me…

Fun times: Over a 15-year period I’ve worked on transportation awareness campaigns addressing child passenger safety, seat belt safety, distracted drivers and senior safety. At one point in my career, this work took me to South Africa to do a poster presentation at an international safety conference. When my plane landed in Johannesburg my luggage was still in Chicago. I was told everyone’s first trip to Africa is unique. Okay, but did they have to laugh while telling me?

All about CARs: After circling the auto industry with safety messages for a good part of my career, I began writing auto reviews in 2013 while serving as managing editor of the Denver Urban Spectrum newspaper. In 2016 I launched CARs, combining my passion for creative writing with the innovative auto industry.

Them darn degrees: When I was in high school I wanted to be a flight attendant and travel the world writing about different cultures. My mother insisted I go to college. Today I have an undergraduate degree in communication and a graduate degree in print journalism.

Finding the joy in the ride: After graduating with my master’s I traveled on a mission trip to an orphanage outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti with 20 members of a Colorado-based church. After the mission work was done, we, along with the youth, loaded up in the back of pickup trucks to head to the beach. On the way, we sang Ricky Martin’s “Cup of Life.” ….Go, Go, Go! Ale, Ale, Ale!

Storytelling: As a former publicist for a Pan African film festival in Denver, Colorado, I booked producers, directors, actors and writers in news media interviews. What I’ve learned is that there are countless ways to tell a story. The important thing is to tell it.

There is always more: Through Canady’s Corner, LLC, I have served as a ghost writer, editor and public relations consultant for small business owners, public relations and marketing firms, government agencies, non-profits and authors. In fact, Canady’s Corner, LLC also produces “Black Women: Celebrating the Road Less Traveled,” an online series to honor Black women who are making a mark in the world in their very own way.

Enough about me. Let’s ride!